WWII Letter Camp Croft SC November 1942


Written by a soldier at Camp Croft South Carolina, during WW II, in 1942. He was part of the 35th Infantry Training Battalion. From the letter…….

Ate every piece of that candy you sent and nearly was sick because of it……..We had to stamp all of our clothes with a number lots of fun……..The sun is shining and is so warm I am not even wearing a shirt. We were restricted to our barracks over Sat. and Sun. because some fell out to slowly in the morning and some of the guns were dirty……The only thing down here is that half of the fellows are southerners and I don’t know anyone outside my barracks. We had bayonet drill so long the other day my arms still ache. One guy nearly gets sick every time he things about actual fighting with one which I don’t believe I will have to……The camp where I am is near Spartanburg about 5 miles I guess…….
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