WWII Letter Camden South Carolina Woodward Airport

Written by an aviation cadet in training at Camden, South Carolina, during WWII in July 1942. From the letter……
It started to rain while I was up at 3,000 ft., I got literally soaked. However, I did a spin and came down to 2,000 ft. then glided down to our traffic pattern and landed. All that came in from that rain were soaking wet, but it was nice……….(next day)….Darling just came back from flying a few minutes and felt pretty tired this is a pretty fast moving schedule……Most of this week I’ve been flying about 2 hours or more each day. Flew 2 ½ today. Part of this time was devoted to 360 degree overload stage……At this same place I met a fellow whose an officer now from Pitt. He graduated in 38. He’s now at pr? School taking up flying in the class behind ours……. 
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