Bainbridge Georgia Army Air Field WWII Letter

Written by an Air Cadet, who was at Bainbridge Georgia Army Air Field, during WW2, in January 1944. From the letter…..

Things are going pretty well so far, for me that is, but there seems to be a jinx on the field in general. Last week one of our fellows spun in from about five hundred feet and killed himself. His motor conked out at three thousand feet but instead of jumping out he tried to bring it down. When he got down to about five hundred feet he banked to steeply trying to get into a field but he didn’t have enough airspeed to hold him up. As a result the plane whipped into a spin and it was too late then to do much of anything but say a quick prayer. Yesterday one of my friends ground looped and ripped a wing off, another fellow hit so hard that he broke both landing gears and came in on the belly. All in all there’s never a dull moment. Today my instructor and I came so close to killing ourselves in a stabilizer stall that if we come any closer it will be the real thing……You should have seen this place Saturday night, when some f the boys staged a belated New Years eve celebration. Boy, the drunks were three deep in every direction including horizontal. It’s too bad some of them don’t have your formula for holding liquor for we had to fly Sunday and there were a lot of tired, sad cadets.....

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