Olmsted Field, Pennsylvania WWII Letter November 17, 1942

 This letter was written during WWII, by a soldier at Olmsted Field, Middletown, Pennsylvania, November 17, 1942. From the letter……

   I hope I am not in the dog house for not having written sooner, but I finally got in touch with Ed last night so we had dinner together and went to a show.
   Right now I have just placed an order for two dishes of spaghetti at the K Bar and am waiting for Ed and the Spag. To put in an appearance.
   I got back here Sunday night on time thank heaven and got to bed about 11:30. I was afraid I would be sorry going home like I did but I am definitely not although my visit was short, it was sweet. It was more than worth the worry I spent on it.
   I doubt very much I’ll get a pass over the weekend, but I am going to try. If I get one I’ll call Mom or you right away.
   We were issued our Colt 45s today and we go out on the pistol range tomorrow to see how good we are. They are the only weapon we will be issued and we will have them strapped on our hip. Of courses I don’t mind not having to carry a rifle in the least.
   I guess I go for shots tomorrow so I’ll stay home tomorrow night and sleep it off.

Loads of Love,

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