British Sailor's WWII Letter HMS Dido 1942

 This letter was written by a British Sailor, who was serving aboard the HMS Dido, during WW2, in August of 1942. From the letter……

   This is written on my knee in a “stand-off” during the First Watch, 8PM to midnight.
   I received your sea-mail letter today, dated 2.5.42.

   My  “stand-off” ended abruptly so this is continued on Monday 10.8.42. I’m sorry Bill didn’t land the Yorkshire job as it seemed just the right one. You surprise me when you mention the ??- it’s a good job the fellows out here don’t know about it or in Naval jargon “there would be more dripping than that!” When you’ve been away a long time the idea grows on you that to be in England in any circumstance is better than  this. Even tho you can go to the canteen and buy cigarettes, oranges, apples, plums, melons, etc.---and the sun always shines!
   You will know from home by now that I am now at a different place from where I last wrote you. It’s just as hot but at least there is a bit of change in the scenery; when you’ve been to sea or in a country as flat as a book for months, it is very nice to see a few hills up here and there, and better still to get on top of one of them and look down on something for a change.
   The country we were in before didn’t offer a great deal of variety to the person who couldn’t’ travel round the best spots which would take some time, and in our case was clearly impossible. But here there are within a few hours ride places of extreme interest, we’ve heard about all our lives, and if we can be lucky enough to get a 24 hours leave sometime we should be able to visit all of them.
   Yesterday we had one of the best sight seeing runs I’ve been on for some time, but as I’ve just written a long letter home about it, I think you might like to go up to No. 1 and say “please could I read Norman’s latest book?’
   I’m glad to have all your news which I haven’t room to mention.

Love to all,

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