Photos of the Battle of Iwo Jima

The battle of Iwo Jima was fought in 1945, from February 19th, to March 26th. Of the appoximatley 20,000 Japanese present on the Island at the start of fighting, less than 250 were taken prisoner, with the rest being Killed in Action, Missing in Action, or committing suicide.
Out of the more than 26,000 casualties the Allies suffered, more than 6,000 were killed. Flags of our Fathers, and Letters from Iwo Jima, are two of the more recent movies made based on the Battle of Iwo Jima. 
This arial view shows the first wave of landing craft heading towards, and away from the beach, at Iwo Jima, as they bring in Marines and head back for more troops and supplies. This Nation Archives Photo is from Record Group 80, ARC Identifier 520956 / Local Identifier 80-G-474953

The photo shows Navy Landing Craft bringing is supplies, to Iwo Jima.
This National Archives Photo is from record group 26: ARC Identifier 513218 / Local Identifier 26-G-4098
This photo shows Marines of the 5th Division inching their on the Beach toward Surbachi Yama.
National Archive Photo from Record Group 127. ARC Identifier 532543 / Local Identifier 127-N-110249
This photo shows Marines of the 4th Division shelling Japanese positions.
National Archive Photo from Record Group 26. ARC Identifier 513219 / Local Identifier 26-G-4122
A group of wounded Marines wait to be evacuated many stretcher wait to be used.
National Archives Photo, from Record Group 80. ARC Identifier 520988 / Local Identifier 80-G-476381  
 A wounded Marine being evacuated from the front. March 1945.
National Archive photo from record group 80. ARC Identifier 520734 / Local Identifier 80-G-412493 

Various equipment including amtracs, knocked out by Japanese shelling. 
National Archive Photo from Record Group 26. ARC Identifier 513222 / Local Identifier 26-G-4474
This Japanese Prisoner is being carried from the stockade, for medical treatment. Iwo Jima Febrary, 1945. National Archives photo from record group 127. ARC Identifier 532544 / Local Identifier 127-N-110622
Navy Corpsmen are shown here helping wounded Marines to a medical aid station. National Archives photo from record group 127. ARC Identifier 532362 / Local Identifier 127-G-110244
A Private From 7th War Dog Platoon, 25th Regiment, takes a nap in a foxhole, as his "War Dog" keeps watch. From Record Group 127. ARC Identifier 532542 / Local Identifier 127-N-110104 

I was fascinated by this film footage (it takes about 20 seconds to start after you click play). This film is from the National Archives, taken March of 1945, on Iwo Jima. It is 3 minutes of raw unedited film footage, from a film of about 12 minutes. The first reel was titled D-Day, but the film is of "Iwo Jima Invasion". This portion of the film shows: Marines carrying ammunition on the beach, Marines digging in on the beach, landing craft coming in to take out the wounded, Marines with "War Dogs", a Mortar crew firing repeated rounds, and an ammunition dump on fire after being hit by Japanese fire. The film is from Record Group 111: ARC Identifier 23519 / Local Identifier 111-ADC-9754

This letter was written by a Pfc., who was at Iwo Jima September 20, 1945. He was with the 21st Fighter Group. From the letter….

   Received your letter of Sept. 6th the other day, and was happy to hear from you. I didn’t get around to writing any sooner because I have been so darn busy. We had 30 medics now we only have 10. So you can see why or what I mean when I say we’re busy. I’m driving an ambulance and have to sit on the air strip for twelve hours a day, sweating in the planes.
   We are leaving for Tinian pretty soon, we are to take over air defense of the Marianas. Our system here on moving the high point men is going along smoothly now. They are mow down to the 80-85 pointers. I hope that you will get a break soon. I’m sure you will be home for Christmas.
   Well fellow I must close now, I hope for you that you will be home soon. So for now, so long and lots of luck.

Your pal,

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