919th Field Artillery WWII Letter From France Feb. 2, 1945

 The soldier who wrote this letter was in France during WWII, with the 919th Field Artillery Battalion, February 2, 1945. From the letter….

   Received many delayed letters today, with some new ones. From you I received five letters. In fact four letters and a lovely Valentine Card, for which, first of all I want to thank you very much. It was a wonderful card, and it was so sweet of you to remember me on such a day.
   Your letters I received today are as follows, Dec 13tha and 16th, also Jan 12th  19th and the Valentine Card dated 19th of Jan.
   Now for the month of Dec. I received all letters except three, which maybe you didn’t  write. They are Dec 17th , 18th and 27th.
   Well this month I am sending a money order home for twenty-five dollars, plus my regular allotment of $60.00. I’m saving all the money I can, because I expect to use it when I get home. Every dollar counts to get started in life for us.
  You see dear, here money don’t mean much and we can’t spend it for anything, so I send it home. I don’t like to gamble, especially in the army. In fact I very seldom did gamble anyway. I don’t believe much in it.
   In reading one of your letters about the war news, I see you heard or I should say read in the paper that, Patton had two new Division with him and one being the 94th. Well, Honey, I guess the papers are right, and we are in the third army. Just keep up with the latest news reports and I think you will agree that the war will end by June or July of this year.
   I am glad to hear that you like your ring very much, because I would be disappointed if you didn’t.
   Remember I love you very much, more than words can express.
All my love, 

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