34th Bomb Squdron 17th Group WWII Letter Killed in action

 This letter was written by a Lt., who was with the34th Bomb Squadron, 17th Group, who never made it home. He was killed in action, and is buried in an American Cemetery, in Italy. He was writing home to his wife. From the letter, July 9, 1944.…..

My Darling,

   Got up early this morning to see some of the boys off who are returning to the states so thought I should sit down and write a shorty to my baby.
   Haven’t much of anything to write about but just thought you might like to know that I was still thinking of you and loving you like the devil. Haven’t had any mail for three days, hope to get some today but Sunday usually seems to be a bad day for mail so probably will have to wait till tomorrow.
    Had a wonderful dream about you night before last. Hope it will come true soon.
   Believe I told you I now have fifty nine missions. It is said that we will not have to go over sixty five missions but it always seems that they raise the number before I reach it. But really sweet it won’t be so long now, at least I don’t believe it will. So don’t forget me and be sure to love me and please be true darling. I love you ever so much and will always be true to you sweet.
   I must say goodbye for now, will write again soon and will be loving you with all my heart.

Always your husband,   

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