WWII European Theater of Operations Photos page 2

These photos are all from the European Theater of Operations. They are from my small personnel collection. Most have no names, but many have descriptions on the back, as well as locations. Most are of U.S. Service men and women.They are in no particular order.
Written on back:    In the front courtyard of Hindenburg Palace next to Hitler's house where the S.S. made a last stand. Berlin, 1946.
 Nothing Written on back:
 Written on back:   Hitler's favorite position and balcony. Berlin, Germany.
 Written on back:   Patton's Hqs.
 Written on back:    Belgian kids picking up candy we threw on the run.
Written on back:   Hindenburg Palace. I'm standing on a shell torn half track. This bldg. is next to Hitler's Palace. Berlin, Germany, 46.
 Nothing Written on back:
 Nothing Written on back:
 Written on back:   In the back of Hindenburg Palace with a helmet left by the last defenders of Berlin. Berlin 46.
 Written on back:   Antwerp radar operated by little girl while I watched.
Written on back:   We were on only good track other train didn't make it as you can see.

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