Photos of European Theater of Operations WWII page 3

These photos are all from the European Theater of Operations. They are from my small personnel collection. Most have no names, but many have descriptions on the back, as well as locations. Most are of U.S. Service men and women.They are in no particular order.
 Nothing Written on Back
 Written on Back:   Lt.
Written on Back:   Stakes in Normandy to prevent landing of paratroopers and planes.
 Written on Back:   279th Station Hospital, 1946 
Written on Back:   Two tough nuts
 Written on Back:  Col. our officer soldier
 Written on Back:   Aachen, Germany
 Written on Back:   Hedge rows Normandy
 Nothing Written on Back:
Written on Back:   Hospital at Trier, Front 10 miles forward.
 Written on Back:   To the left of the tree on the left and next to the Russian Guard is Hitler's funeral pyre. His bomb shelter is the square bldg. and his house is in the rear with the round windows.
 Written on Back:   Almost flattened by the war.  
 Written on Back: At the Big Boy's Hq.
 Written on Back:   Son, wife, mother, father, and helper. V-E Day Paris. All resistance workers.
 Written on Back:  V-E Day Paris
 Written on Back:  V-E Day
 Written on Back:  V-E Day          

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